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Fluorometry Cuvettes Fluorometer Cuvettes

Innovative Lab Supply Quartz Fluorometer Cuvettes (Fluorometer Cells) are individually handcrafted to USA and European standards. InLabSupply Quartz Fluorometry Cuvettes are Sinter-Quartz Fused. Optical Glass Fluorometer Cuvettes are guaranteed compatible with all major fluorometry equipment brands* and conform to InLabSupply published transmission values and are suitable for use with all water or alcohol based liquids. (Sinter-Quartz Fused cuvettes are not suitable for use with strong Alkalines or Aromatic Hydrocarbons).
All cuvettes are sold in protective cases containing sets of two individually wrapped, matched cuvettes with deviations guaranteed not to exceed 0.5% at: 350nm for Optical Glass Cuvettes; 220nm for UV Quartz Cuvettes, and 2,730nm for Infrared (IR) Quartz Cuvettes. Cell Lids and Cell Stoppers are made of chemical resistant Teflon.
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Standard Fluorometer Cuvette with lid

Standard Fluorometry Cuvette with Teflon stopper

Micro Fluorometer Cuvette with lid

Micro Fluorometry Cuvette with Teflon stopper

Continuous Flow-through Fluorometer Cell

Rectangular with Straight Tube

Triangular Fluorometer Cell with Teflon stopper
Need a custom or specialty cuvette? We can help!
Complete a Custom Cuvette Quote Request Form to obtain a quotation in 24 48 hours**

Buy with confidence. If you are not absolutely satisfied, your  fluorimeter cuvettes, purchase price will be refunded in full. (Please refer to our warranty for full details).

InLabSupply Fluorometer Cuvettes (Fluorometer Cells) are suitable for use with heavy solvents, ultrasonic cleaning and may be autoclave-sterilized.

Innovative Lab Supply Fluorimeter cuvettes are grouped by type for ease of selection under the two main category groups above.  Our downloadable cuvette price list (in pdf file format) can be printed and used as a handy reference, but for greatest ease of selection we recommend using our online cuvette search utility which allows for cuvettes to be searched for by as many  (or as few) of your critical requirements.

* Innovative Lab Supply Fluorometer Cuvettes are guaranteed comparable &/or compatible with the following brands of cuvette or Spectrophotometry and Fluorometry cells: Hellma Cuvettes, Starna Cuvettes, NSG Cuvettes, Jenway Cuvettes, Spectrocell Cuvettes, Sigma Cuvettes. Compatibility is also guaranteed with the Spectrophotometry equipment made by the following companies:  Agilent, Beckman, Bio-Rad (Biorad), Eppendorf, GBC, Hewlett Packard, Hach, Hitachi, Jasco , Perkin-Elmer, Pharmacia, Shimadzu, Spectronics, Py Unicam, Turner, Varian, Thermo.

** Custom Quotation turn-around time for Quartz Fluorometer Cuvettes and Optical Glass Fluorometer Cuvettes is usually less than 48 hours.  The time it takes to quote depends on the complexity of the cell, and on the completeness of the information received with the quote request. Delivery time for custom cells and cuvettes also varies depending on the complexity of the design, but we can typically deliver in 2-3 weeks after approval.  Emergency cuvette orders may be expedited but this may result in additional charges. Click here to request a custom fluorimeter cuvette. (Please note that at the present time we are not able to offer cuvettes with screw caps).


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