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Hollow Cathode Lamps (HCL) Atomic Absorption

HCL15R InLabSupply HC metal-vapor discharge single element hollow cathode lamps (HCL) are specifically developed for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.

Quality controlled manufacturing ensure that InLabSupply Hollow Cathode Lamps meet or exceed the specified requirements for most commercial atomic absorption analysis spectrometers*. Low detection limits enable most demanding analytical requirements.

« Regular 1.5" lamps are suitable for all systems except Perkin-Elmer »
» High Intensity » Long life
Size : 1.5”
Diameter : 38mm
Length : 160mm
» Low Operating Current » Guaranteed Quality!
» Economical (See WARRANTY page for full details)
*** Why Pay More? ***
Glowing Starting Voltage : 300V Radiation Stability over 30 minutes : 1%
Search for Hollow Cathode Lamps by clicking on the desired element below; download our comprehensive HCL Price List, or use our Hollow Cathode Lamp Search Utility to find lamps by other manufacturer’s part numbers:
Click here to use our HC Lamp model search utility
Element Symbol Gas Part Number Price
Aluminum Al Ne HCL15R-Al 129.00
Antimony Sb Ne HCL15R-Sb 129.00
Arsenic As Ne HCL15R-As 155.00
Barium Ba Ne HCL15R-Ba 129.00
Beryllium Be Ne HCL15R-Be 178.00
Bismuth Bi Ne HCL15R-Bi 129.00
Boron B Ne HCL15R-B 138.00
Cadmium Cd Ne HCL15R-Cd 138.00
Calcium Ca Ne HCL15R-Ca 123.00
Cerium Ce Ne HCL15R-Ce 162.00
Cesium Cs Ne HCL15R-Cs 189.00
Chromium Cr Ne HCL15R-Cr 129.00
Cobalt Co Ne HCL15R-Co 138.00
Copper Cu Ne HCL15R-Cu 123.00
Dysprosium Dy Ne HCL15R-Dy 166.00
Erbium Er Ne HCL15R-Er 166.00
Europium Eu Ne HCL15R-Eu 138.00
Gadolinium Gd Ne HCL15R-Gd 133.00
Gallium Ga Ne HCL15R-Ga 138.00
Germanium Ge Ne HCL15R-Ge 138.00
Gold Au Ar HCL15R-Au 178.00
Hafnium Hf Ne HCL15R-Hf 181.00
Holmium Ho Ne HCL15R-Ho 165.00
Indium In Ne HCL15R-In 129.00
Iron Fe Ne HCL15R-Fe 129.00
Iridium Ir Ne HCL15R-Ir 188.00
Lanthanum La Ne HCL15R-La 138.00
Lead Pb Ne HCL15R-Pb 129.00
Lithium Li Ar HCL15R-Li 129.00
Lutetium Lu Ne HCL15R-Lu 178.00
Magnesium Mg Ne HCL15R-Mg 123.00
Manganese Mn Ne HCL15R-Mn 129.00
Mercury Hg Ne HCL15R-Hg 138.00
Molybdenum Mo Ne HCL15R-Mo 129.00
Neodymium Nd Ne HCL15R-Nd 159.00
Nickel Ni Ne HCL15R-Ni 123.00
Niobium Nb Ne HCL15R-Nb 138.00
Osmium Os Ne HCL15R-Os 212.00
Palladium Pd Ne HCL15R-Pd 138.00
Phosphorus P Ne HCL15R-P 229.00
Platinum Pt Ne HCL15R-Pt 229.00
Potassium K Ne HCL15R-K 129.00
Praseodymium Pr Ne HCL15R-Pr 138.00
Rhenium Re Ne HCL15R-Re 178.00
Rhodium Rh Ne HCL15R-Rh 328.00
Rubidium Rb Ne HCL15R-Rb 189.00
Ruthenium Ru Ne HCL15R-Ru 231.00
Samarium Sm Ne HCL15R-Sm 129.00
Scandium Sc Ne HCL15R-Sc 198.00
Selenium Se Ne HCL15R-Se 189.00
Silicon Si Ne HCL15R-Si 138.00
Silver Ag Ne HCL15R-Ag 138.00
Sodium Na Ne HCL15R-Na 129.00
Strontium Sr Ne HCL15R-Sr 178.00
Tantalum Ta Ne HCL15R-Ta 138.00
Tellurium Te Ne HCL15R-Te 178.00
Terbium Tb Ne HCL15R-Tb 178.00
Thallium Tl Ne HCL15R-Tl 289.00
Thulium Tm Ne HCL15R-Tm 178.00
Tin Sn Ne HCL15R-Sn 129.00
Titanium Ti Ne HCL15R-Ti 129.00
Tungsten W Ne HCL15R-W 129.00
Vanadium V Ne HCL15R-V 138.00
Ytterbium Yb Ne HCL15R-Yb 178.00
Yttrium Y Ne HCL15R-Y 178.00
Zinc Zn Ne HCL15R-Zn 123.00
Zirconium Zr Ne HCL15R-Zr 138.00
*InLabSupply Hollow Cathode Lamps for Atomic Absorption Analysis are compatible with most Atomic Absorption Spectrometer models that use standard 1.5 lamps including those manufactured by: Accusys, Alpha, Analytik Jena (AJA), Aurora Instruments, Avanta, Baird Atomic, Beckman Coulter, Buck Scientific, ChemTech Analytical Instruments, Chemito, Corning EEL Evans, Fisher Jarrell Ash, GBC Scientific, Gilford, Hitachi, IL Instrumentation Lab., Jenoptik, Leeman Labs, PG Instrument, Philips, Pye Unicam, Rank Hilger, Scintrex, Sedico, Seiko, Shandon Southern, Shimadzu, Teledyne Leeman Labs, Thermo Elemental, Thermo Jarrell-Ash, TJA Solutions, Thermo Unicam, Varian, Varian Techtron, WAS (Worldwide Analytical Solutions) and Zeiss. InLab Hollow Cathode Lamps are not currently available in 2 for Perkin-Elmer.

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