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Spectrophotometer Cuvettes Hollow Cathode Lamps

Innovative Lab Supply is your best source for guaranteed quality, Sinter-Quartz Fused Spectrophotometer Cells, Fluorometer Cells and Hollow Cathode Lamps for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.

We maintain a large inventory of the most common sizes of Sinter-Quartz Fused  Spectrophotometry Cuvettes and Fluorometry Cuvettes.  Whether you need Quartz Cuvettes, Optical Glass Cuvettes or IR Quartz Cuvettes, Standard Cuvettes, Semi Micro Cuvettes or Micro Cuvettes, we ship 90% of orders received by 3:00pm EST on the same-day. (Specialty cuvettes and custom cuvette orders may take 2-3 weeks to deliver).

InLabSupply Hollow Cathode Lamps are guaranteed compatible with all major equipment manufacturers** and are the best combination of competitive price and guaranteed quality and longevity that you will find anywhere.


ES Quartz
190nm – 2.5um

10mm Path
10 mm Int. Width
3.5ml Volume

(Flat Base)
(Rounded Base)
Hollow Cathode Lamps

High Intensity, Guaranteed Life,
HC Metal-Vapor discharge lamps

Compatible with all standard AA Spectrometers           using un-coded, regular, 1.5” HCL

Spectrophotometer Cells & Fluorometer Cells are individually handcrafted to USA and European standards. Quartz Spectrophotometry Cuvettes and Quartz Fluorometry Cuvettes are sintered-quartz powder fused. Optical Glass Spectrophotometer Cuvettes and Optical Glass Fluorometer Cuvettes are guaranteed compatible with all major spectrometry equipment brands* and conform to InLabSupply published transmission values

Find Cuvettes quickly by dimension or key characteristics using our Spectrophotometer Cell and Fluorometer Cell search utility:

Click here to use our Cuvette Search Utility

OR: Download our Cuvette Price List Here

Quality controlled manufacturing ensures that InLabSupply Metal Vapor Discharge Hollow Cathode Lamps (HCL) for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy  meet or exceed the specified requirements for most commercial atomic absorption analysis spectrometers**.

Find Hollow Cathode Lamps quickly by element or by competitor part number using our HCL Search Utility:

Click here to use our HCL Search Utility

OR: Download our Cuvette Price List Here

 * Innovative Lab Supply Spectrophotometer Cuvettes and Fluorometer Cuvettes are guaranteed comparable to, or compatible with the following brands of cuvette or Spectrophotometry Cells and Fluorometry Cells: Hellma Cuvettes, Starna Cuvettes, NSG Cuvettes, Jenway Cuvettes, Spectrocell Cuvettes, Sigma Cuvettes. Compatibility is also guaranteed with the Spectrophotometry equipment made by:  Agilent, Beckman, Bio-Rad (Biorad), Eppendorf, GBC, Hewlett Packard, Hach, Hitachi, Jasco , Perkin-Elmer, Pharmacia, Shimadzu, Spectronics, Py Unicam, Turner, Varian, Thermo.

* InLabSupply Hollow Cathode Lamps for Atomic Absorption Analysis are compatible with most Atomic Absorption Spectrometer models including those manufactured by: Accusys, Alpha, Analytik Jena (AJA), Aurora Instruments, Avanta, Baird Atomic, Beckman Coulter, Buck Scientific, ChemTech Analytical Instruments, Chemito, Corning EEL Evans, Fisher Jarrell Ash, GBC Scientific, Gilford, Hitachi, IL Instrumentation Lab., Jenoptik, Leeman Labs, Perkin Elmer, PG Instrument, Philips, Pye Unicam, Rank Hilger, Scintrex, Sedico, Seiko, Shandon Southern, Shimadzu, Teledyne Leeman Labs, Thermo Elemental, Thermo Jarrell-Ash, TJA Solutions, Thermo Unicam, Varian, Varian Techtron, WAS (Worldwide Analytical Solutions) and Zeiss.  InLab Hollow Cathode Lamps are not currently available for Perkin-Elmer.



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